2024 Ads - SWI - Montford MS


Ad Size available until Dec 20, 2023

Out of stock, please contact your school directly

Purchase an ad for publication in the 2024 Montford MS yearbook today! Ads on sale for a limited time only! Ads sales close permanently on December 20, 2023!

Nothing needs to be submitted directly to us. You will need to log into your account to put together your Ad. There are various templates you can use, or you can create the layout yourself.  

This is the link you need to log in - https://cm.friesens.com/Ads. You will see the deadline (December 20) to submit the Ad when you log in. 

See below for information on how to log in, create and submit your Ad.  

Logging In: https://youtu.be/NETRKCTd8hE 

Creating Ad: https://youtu.be/qfoDsSqvl6c 

Approval Process: https://youtu.be/-vQWS_p5IsQ