Friesens is based in North America, Canada.


Online store issues:


Call our toll-free number 1-888-324-9725 and request to speak with yearbook admin or email us. 


If you represent a school, university, or organization:


Call our toll-free number 1-888-324-9725 or contact your Friesens Project Specialist. 



When you purchase an Ad, the email address you enter in the checkout screen will be the email address you use to login to the site to create your Ad. You will also receive login instructions in your confirmation email.


Nothing needs to be submitted directly to Friesens. You will need to log into your account to create your Ad. There are various templates you can use or you can create the layout yourself.  


This is the link you need to log in - (also found in your confirmation email). 


You will see the deadline to submit the Ad in the confirmation email and when you log in. The deadline date on the site where you create the Ad is the final deadline. 


Help videos (also on the site):


Logging In: 

Creating Ad: 

Approval Process: 



All yearbook product deadlines and prices are set by your school. 


Please contact the yearbook advisor at the school if:

  • You did not order your yearbook through the online store
  • The yearbook is not appearing on the online store 
  • You missed the deadline or forgot to order a yearbook 
  • The yearbook is sold out
  • You missed a promotion


Manufacturing & Changes

Friesens has a contract with your school to print yearbooks and we are a large manufacturer so we do not print one-offs, nor will we print at your request; this must come from the school as it is their content.


We only host your school’s online store on Friesens website.


Damaged yearbooks

Please contact the yearbook advisor at the school as they will be in contact with us at Friesens. 



Personalizations are for the student’s name which appears on the front of the yearbook and are separate from yearbook quotes which appear inside of the yearbook. Please be mindful that what you enter is exactly what will appear on the yearbook when you receive it. 


Yearbook photos

Photography is handled at the school, not at Friesens. Please contact the yearbook advisor at the school for any queries regarding yearbook photos.


Order confirmation & Delivery

As a customer, you are preordering a yearbook that is in the planning phase of production.   


All yearbooks are shipped to the school including any overruns.


Distribution happens at the school. Please ensure you take a copy of your receipt with you. 


To enquire about your yearbook and non-yearbook related items, contact the yearbook advisor at the school. 


Past yearbooks

Friesens does not keep nor sell copies of past yearbooks. School’s may have copies that they may choose to make available and sell through the online store. Otherwise, please contact your school yearbook advisor to see if they have copies for sale. 


Payment options

Cash or cheque

Friesens does not accept cash or cheque payments or payments over the phone. Please contact the yearbook advisor at the school to enquire about paying by cash or cheque.



At the checkout, the shipping option available is ‘Pickup at school’.


Adding your shipping address in PayPal is just for checkout purposes. If your school has not specifically offered individual mailing, the yearbooks will be shipped to the school.



PayPal hosts the payment method, so you do not need an account. 


Follow the steps to checkout as a guest. Enter your email address and select Continue to Payment.   


Enter your card details and if you do not wish to create an account with PayPal, select ‘No, thanks’.  


PayPal charges

PayPal charges a transaction fee. You are free to contact the school to pay by cash or cheque directly, but this would be at the school's discretion.  


Usually, schools will deliberately set their price lower online to factor in this fee so you are not paying more than you would if you paid by cash or cheque. 


PayPal may make a temporary charge to your card for up to $1 in order to verify that your card works and is in good standing.


PayPal may charge a foreign transaction fee since we are based in Canada and if you opt to use your PayPal account, which PayPal calls a ‘Currency Conversion Spread’. 


For more information, check out PayPal’s webpage on fees. 


Receipts & Refunds


You will receive 2 confirmation emails per transaction:

  • PayPal receipt
  • Friesens receipt


If you have misplaced your receipt and would like a copy, please email us at Friesens. 



For yearbooks and yearbook Ad refunds, call Friesens’ toll-free number 1-888-324-9725 and request to speak with yearbook admin or email us.